TYPE: Book
COMPONENTS: Cloth covers
CONDITION: VG condition
Foreign Language Inscription: אוליבר טויסט / צ'לרס דיקנס ; מעבד לילדים בידי יצחק נון ; ציר דוד גלבוע. דיקנס, צ'ארלס, 1812-1870;אבנון, יצחק, 1909-1967 ; גלבוע, דוד, 1906-1976;תשי"- תל אביב : עמיחי
Inscription Translation: Oliver Twist / Chillers Dickens; A children's processor by Yitzhak Nun; The David Gilboa axis. Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870; Avnon, Isaac, 1909-1967; Gilboa, David, 1906-1976; Tel Aviv: Amichai
ITEM ID: 4138
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Illustrated Hebrew Children’s Book – Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist

Decade: 1950s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)
Notes: c1950
Name: David Gilboa
Type: Illustrator
Artists Dates: 1910-1976
Artist Information: He was born in Romania in 1910. Immigrated to Israel in 1933. Solo Exhibitions: 1939 Katz Gallery, Tel Aviv; 1943 Goldman Gallery, Haifa; 1945 Avni Gallery, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem; 1953, 1957 Gallery on Hess Street, Tel Aviv; 1964 Herzl Institute, Philadelphia; Boston, Los Angeles. Published children's books. One of the founders of the Artists' Colony in Safed, he regularly performs there after his death in 1976.
Name: Yitzhak Nun
Type: Translator