Japanese Baseball Kimono

Decade: 1920s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)
Notes: c1920

Scholar Brian Bergstrom commented, “Fascinatingly, the two “tickets” in the graphic are to two specific games/series:

The top one is the 全国中学校野球 (National Middle-School Baseball Tournament) held in the 甲子園グラウンド (Kōshien “Grounds”) in Nishinomiya (between Osaka and Kobe). The High School version of this series is held at the same venue even now.

The other ticket is for the 早慶野球戦 (a baseball series between Waseda University and Keiō University, that according to Wikipedia dates from 1903. The venue is the 明治神宮グラウンド (The Meiji Shrine “Grounds”), a baseball stadium in downtown Tokyo that also still exists.

The ticket in this photo is for the legendary “Ichi-kō vs. San-kō” series between two high schools (“First” and “Third” Higher Schools, within the prewar system). The series is famous enough to have a book about its history”

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