MATERIAL: Woodblock Printed
TYPE: Print Book
DIMENSIONS: 6 X 9 inches (closed)
COMPONENTS: 139 pages
CONDITION: Original covers & title slip, contents complete, good shape for the age.
NOTES: A fascinating and historic Japanese numismatic volume.
ITEM ID: 2084

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Japanese Coin Standards and Conversion Guide

Year: 1875
Decade: 1870s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: Meiji 8

Japanese print book: a Japanese Coinage Standards and Conversion Guide for the new modern Meiji Coins vis-a-vis Edo Period coinage and Foreign Coinage. The volume contains coinage standards for gold and silver, as well as conversion rates and standards of the old Edo coinage that was being replaced and the new foreign coinage that was entering Japan through trade. One of the most interesting sections is on the Japanese Boeki Gin Trade Dollar, which came into production the year this volume was printed. It was meant to compete with foreign trade coins from the US, Great Britain and France. Of course, all of these countries were trying to create trade coins for the China market in competition with the Mexican Peso, which was preferred and trusted by Chinese merchants due to its large weight and purity. The Chinese would often stamp Mexican Pesos with the chop mark “Gin” which meant good silver. The Japanese government had the Osaka mint prepare fake “Gin” counterfeit stamps for some of the Japanese trade dollars entering the market as a way to mimic the chop marks used by Chinese merchants and facilitate the acceptance of Japanese trade dollars by Chinese merchants.