ORIGINAL TITLE Title: Proof and Promise of Not Being a Christian
MATERIAL: Hand-Written/Painted
TYPE: Manuscript
DIMENSIONS: Manuscript measures 9 1/2 X 17 inches 
CONDITION: Fine calligraphy.
ITEM ID: 3813
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Japanese Handwritten Manuscript Document

Year: 1860
Decade: 1860s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: Dated Man'en 1 = 1860

Proof and promise of not being a Christian, signed by the person who took the oath, Choshichi.  

Scholar Sugihiko Uchida noted that, “This document(奉公人請状Houkounin-ukejou)is a guarantee of the identity of an employee, which was submitted to his/her employer. It describes the name of the employee, his/her terms of service, his/her wages, the penalty in case of his/her bad behavior etc., and guarantees that he/she is not a Christian but a supporter of Buddhist temple.”

According to scholar Alexander Vesey, “This is about someone named Choshichi going into service (奉公) with another household. Nothing “religious” about it except for one line stating that he is not a Christian. (Note that this kind of phrasing is rather “boiler plate” in nature.)”