MATERIAL: Woodblock Printed
TYPE: Hanging Scroll (Kakejiku)
DIMENSIONS: 9 1/2 X 28 inches (each print) 11 1/2 X 32 1/4 inches (scroll)

ITEM ID: 2221
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Japanese Woodblock Print Kakejiku Diptych Scroll

Year: 1840
Decade: 1840s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)

Japanese woodblock print Kakejiku diptych scroll by Kunisada. The subject of the print appears to be Sugawara Michizane, considered the god of learning.

Sugawara no Michizane (菅原 道真/菅原 道眞, August 1, 845 – March 26, 903), also known as Kan Shōjō (菅丞相) or Kanke (菅家), was a scholar, poet, and politician of the Heian Period of Japan. He is regarded as an excellent poet, particularly in Kanshi poetry, and is today revered in Shinto as the god of learning, Tenman-Tenjin (天満天神, often shortened to Tenjin).

According to scholar Andreas Marks, “This is 英一螮 Hanabusa Ittai. A pen name of Kunisada in the 1830s and 1840s. Used on artworks when he considered himself to be inspired by Itchō 一蝶. Early 1840s. The subject is not just any lord but this is Sugawara Michizane, considered the god of learning et al.”

According to scholar Sven Saaler, “Looking at the crest it could be a daimyo from this family, the Hisamatsu, from the Chita region in what is Aichi Pref today.”

Name: Kunisada
Type: Artist