ORIGINAL TITLE Title: חכאיית אלמאליך סיף אלאזאל
PRONUNCIATION: חכאיית אלמאליך סיף אלאזאל
TYPE: Book
COMPONENTS: 20 Volumes, 1288 pages, softcover, published in separate volumes with continuous pagination
NOTES: Only one library contains any copies of this publication, that of Junl. A great piece of history.
Foreign Language Inscription: חכאיית אלמאליך סיף אלאזאל ... תשכ"ג-תשכ"ד? ירושלים
ITEM ID: 2912

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Jewish Folk Tales in Judeo-Berber

Decade: 1960s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)
Notes: it is undated, but aprox 1960

A series of Jewish Folk Tales in Judeo-Berber published in the 1960s, when the masses of Jewish-Berber immigrants were transplanted to Israel. Very few books were published in the Judeo-Berber language, a language without a written alphabet of it’s own. Judeo-Berber (Berber: Tamazight Tudayt, Hebrew: ברברית יהודית‎) is a term used primarily for the Berber varieties traditionally spoken by the Jewish communities of certain parts of central and southern Morocco. Speakers emigrated to Israel in the 1950s and 1960s. While mutually comprehensible with the Tamazight spoken by most inhabitants of the area (Galand-Pernet et al. 1970:14), these dialects are distinguished by the use of Hebrew loanwords and the pronunciation of š as s (as in many Jewish Moroccan Arabic dialects).