TYPE: Clothing
COMPONENTS: shinny black cloth [perhaps brushed cotton]; attached hood from which hangs the mask; font has four pleats, right breast has embroidered skull and bones; 3/4 length sleeves diamond cut at ends; closes with nine snaps and cloth belt; shoulders reinforced with extra layer of fabric; former owners sewn identification label has been removed.
NOTES: This is the first Nighthawk robe we have seen, and it is very unique. Mr.Raynor,
-----I have been an advanced collector and student of the History of the American *** Ku Klux Klan for thirty years. This Black robe was acquired from an elderly lady just south of Memphis. She stated that her husband was a Klan member and this was his robe.She stated the klavern was established in an older Odd Fellows hall, and that they used many of the Odd fellow rules and signs between members. Many of them had dual memberships in both groups. This was not that uncommon as a way to hide the Klan from prying eyes. It was also practiced with other orginazations, such as the Masonic order. There are other Klan items with the skull and cross bones . I have in my collection a pair of robes, a Klan sword , a Klan knife and a pair of Model A ford Tail lights, one with the Odd Fellow entertwined circles, and the other with K.K.K. I can assure you this is an original robe, with a nice unusual history.
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KKK Nighthawk Robe

Year: 1940
Decade: 1940s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

The Ku Klux Klan Nighthawks were the security wing of the Klan. Their robes were black to distinguish them from other members. The robe is made from shinny black cloth has an attached hood from which hangs the mask. The front has four pleats, and on the right breast is an intimidating embroidered skull and bones.