TYPE: Archive
COMPONENTS: 1. International Driving Permits for Lana Turner and Henry Topping, both issued in London 1948, unsigned, but with passport photos of them both; 2. Driving Licenses for Lana Turner and Henry Topping of the Savoy Hotel, London, granting them permission to drive in the UK in 1949, both unsigned; 3. International Fiscal Permit No. 11590 issued to H. J. Topping Jr., on April 26, 1948, and an International Certificate for Motor Vehicles, both giving him permission to import his Cadillac motor car; 4. Automobile Association Membership Card, issued April 30, 1949, not signed, p 25 indicates that Topping secured permission to import the Cadillac on June 8, 1948; and an AA Handbook, [1947]; 5. Certificate of Registration, issued to Henry Jonkins Topping with passport photograph, revealing that he is married, his profession is promoter, and that he had served in the US Navy, signed; TOGETHER with 4 letters to and from Henry Topping about Insurance matters, the certificate of Foreign insurance dated October 5 1948, and 2 receipts from the French shipping company shipping the Cadillac back to New York from Nice, via Le Havre.
CONDITION: Some wear and creases.
ITEM ID: 4230

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Year: 1948
Decade: 1940s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

A British automobile wallet containing 14 booklets, forms, brochures and correspondence, various sizes, the wallet signed “H. A. Topping (Jr)”

When MGM movie star Lana Turner married her third husband Henry Jonkins Topping Jr. (Tom Topping’s brother), in Pasadena, Ca. on April 26, 1948, they set off for a driving tour of Europe in their 1947 Cadillac. This collection of documents concerning permission to drive in England, and the exportation of their car from Nice back to New York.

Despite their glamorous honeymoon touring England and France, their marriage was not a happy one. When it ended in 1951, Turner attempted suicide by slitting her wrists. She survived to marry four more times.