TYPE: Documents (Loose)
COMPONENTS: 36 leaves. Paper covers. In sealed paper.    
CONDITION: Dampstains. Wormholes in the right margin. Fair condition. Worn paper covers.
NOTES: This Nahuatl manuscript, it has the most intricate calligraphy I have seen.
Inscription Notes: I took the document to a specialist and friend who has been in the books and manuscripts business for over 30 years and whose opinion I respect and trust. He identified confirmed that it was indeed Nahuatl. 
ITEM ID: 3398

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Land Titles In Spanish and Nahuatl

Decade: 1650s
Century: 17th (1601-1700)
Notes: 1657-1658

A document in Nahuatl: an order for collecting tributes from the indigenous peoples. Joseph Francisco Quahuanotzintli.