COMPONENTS: 11 leaves; 1 full-page map. In official sealed fiscal paper. Manuscript in black ink.
NOTES: Very good condition.
priceInfo: 4/14/16
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Lease Contracts for Mexico City

Decade: 1810s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: 1807, 1811; 1816.

Lease contracts of a portion of land of the Parroquia de San Sebastian in Mexico City, with a Map. Legal Independence era document of the City of Mexico from 1816, about a portion of land of the “Parroquia de San Sebastian” that is on lease to Juan Evangelista Martinez since 1807. The friars of the Parroquia extend the lease for another 5 years. The document contains the two previous contracts: the initial contract made in 1807 and the second one of 1811. The second contract comes with a nice full-page map