MATERIAL: Parchment
TYPE: Manuscript
ITEM ID: 4264

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Leaves and Fragments of Scrolls from Hebrew Bible

Notes: Fifteenth to Nineteenth Century

Collection of fragments:
(a) single leaf, with double column of 27 lines, tiny marginalia, masora magna and minora, recovered from binding of a sixteenth-century printed book, and hence scuffs, stains, reverse scrubbed clean, 260 by 200mm., Italy, fifteenth century;

(b) two fragments of two separate Sefer Torah, one with three membranes, water damaged and text repaired in places, 515 by 1330mm., plus five small fragments from same, the other a single membrane, 578 by 490mm., the reverse covered in cracking white paint, probably seventeenth and nineteenth century;

(c) fragment of an Esther scroll, 4 membranes, 195 by 1440mm., stains and cockled, numerous textual corrections, probably seventeenth or eighteenth century; all probably Italian in origin and reused for their parchment later by non-Jewish populations.