MATERIAL: Hand-Written/Painted
TYPE: Documents (Loose)
DIMENSIONS: 32.7 cm, 12.9" or
COMPONENTS: Folio. [4] pp. Manuscript on paper,
CONDITION: Fair copy. Creased from original folds; lower front edge and back page (blank) slightly darkened. Very clean and legible.
ITEM ID: 649
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Letter from King of Spain to American President

Year: 1815
Decade: 1810s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)

A letter from Ferdinand VII of Spain, in which he appoints Don Luis de Onis y Gonzalez as minister plenipotentiary and envoy extraordinary to the United States. President Madison had in 1809 refused to recognize the Chevalier de Onis, but acknowledged him in the year of this letter’s writing as the Spanish foreign minister. He later went on to negotiatethe Adams-Onis Treaty, by which Florida was ceded to the U.S.

On “The Friendship and Good Harmony that Ought to Subsist between Spain and the United States … Don Ferdinand the 7th by the Grace of God, King of Castile … To my Great and Good Friends the United States of America.”

Name: Ferdinand VII
Type: Author
Artists Dates: 1814–1833