TYPE: Documents (Loose)
NOTES: This is an incredibly telling, disturbing and historic document. Unfortunately, this documents a period in our collective American History.
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Letter Seeking Black Families

Year: 1920
Decade: 1920s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

A letter that was sent from Danville, Ohio in February 1920, from a business associate of Banker Albert I. Wolfe from Danville Bank. Mr. Wolfe and his wife were in Miami, Florida, and this letter was sent to bring him up to date on Bank business. As he closes this letter, he states “I am handing you a letter for Mrs. Wolfe you can read it before giving it to her.” The 2nd letter, addressed to Mrs. Wolfe, reads, “My Mrs. Wolfe – I have decided that you should, when you have had all the amusement and recreation necessary for 24 hours, set out to find at least two colored families that you think might stay north a while and bring them with one for Albert I. Wolfe’s and one for Clinton M. Rice’s and possibly Mrs. Sol B. Rice would join you in securing the third one and then have some help all the time. No one works here any more, not even Dad or George. If for any reason you can not get the man and woman of about equal appearance get the nice woman, even though the man be very off in appearance. and if you should not want that family I might take them. Hope you and all are enjoying the winter. It look very quite about the Wolfe home at night. Yours truly, Clinton M. Rice”

Name: Alfred Wolfe
Type: Author