ORIGINAL TITLE Title: Los Millones de la Mesilla
PRONUNCIATION: Los Millones de la Mesilla
TYPE: Book
COMPONENTS: 23 pages
CONDITION: Leather covers decorated with Golden devices. Very good condition.
NOTES: First edition.
priceInfo: 7/14
ITEM ID: 3801

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Los Millones de la Mesilla

Year: 1855
Decade: 1850s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)

(ARIZONA.) Los millones de la Mesilla, y sus misterios, en parte descubiertos, por uno de los pro-hombres del gobierno actual en México.
México: 1855. Translation:
The millions of the Mesilla, and their mysteries, partly discovered, by one of the pro-men of the current government in Mexico
A bitter anonymous protest against the Gadsden Purchase (Venta de la Mesilla, to the Mexicans) which gave much of southern Arizona and New Mexico to the United States. Corrupt motives by President Santa Anna are alleged.