TYPE: Manuscript
NOTES: An exceptionally rare anuscript.
ITEM ID: 4554

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Manuscript from Colonial Spain

Year: 1869
Decade: 1860s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)

Manuscript that documents the complete voyage of a ship of Chinese Coolies that left Macao, China to Havana, Cuba. Part of the manuscript indicates that of the 300 Colonos (colonists) on board the French ship “Tamani”, 176 died during the 133 day voyage, and it is stated that the majority, 85, died of “Opio” (Opium Overdose), 73 of Dysenteria, the Chinese doctor on board died of a sporadic fever++… the ship’s specifications are listed, 545 tonnes, its Captian, “Captain Baume” and so much more.