TYPE: Documents (Loose)
DIMENSIONS: 80 cm x 52 cm.
COMPONENTS: Map with some blue color added. In decal paper. With the original notes copied, and also a note from 1782 mentioning some corrections
CONDITION: In very good condition.
NOTES: No further record exists of the present map in any institution.
ITEM ID: 3212

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Map of the Town of Cuautla Amilpas

Year: 1904
Decade: 1900s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Copy of the “Map of the Town of Cuautla Amilpas, 1767.” Made originally by Cataño Cordero. Copied from the original by  M. y F. Zarate. Cataño Cordero was a land surveyor active in the XVIII century; along with Ildefonso Iniesta where commissioned to survey and make makes of various towns of Mexico. In the “Archivo General de la Nación” there is a list of some of his maps. In the list, exists a record of a map made also in 1767 but from a ranch.