TYPE: Manuscript
NOTES: This 11th century grant seems to come from East India, more precisely Orissa, the region around the current town of Ganjam, ancient Koṅgoda/Koṅgeda. The king is called Śilodbhavadeva, if I read the name correctly and allowing for orthographic peculiarities (it occurs twice in the legible portions).

This is somewhat puzzling, since the Śailodbhava family seems to have lost control of this region before the 8th century. This grant must come from much later, 300 years or so. Moreover, this is the name of dynasty and it can be safely out-ruled that this is a grant of their semi-mythical ancestor. We know of a revival of Śailodbhavas later on, but I believe that this period is not very well documented. This grant could be one such source, and as such, quite important. The quality of the Sanskrit is not very good. It can also be made out that the grant is a land donation to brahmins. I am unaware of any publication of this document.
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