TYPE: Broadside
DIMENSIONS: 55 cm x 40 cm.
COMPONENTS: 1 sheet. Sealed on the back.
CONDITION: Tear on the lower left margin, not affecting text. Overall, very good condition.
priceInfo: A Very Rare  Mexican Broadside in Nahuatl!  No records of any institutional holdings (Worldcat, Biblioteca Nacional de México, Carter Brown Library). Full text of the Spanish version: No records of any institutional holdings (Worldcat, Biblioteca Nacional de México, Carter Brown Library). 
Foreign Language Inscription: Quimomachiltia in Supremo Consejo de Regencia, in quimoyacanilia Caxtilteca ihuan.
ITEM ID: 3513

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Mexican Broadside in Nahuatl

Year: 1810
Decade: 1810s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: September 22, 1810

Francisco Xavier Venegas de Saavedra, Decree by Viceroy Venegas to all the American people (Americanos Españoles), printed six days after the official beginning of the Mexican Independence “Grito de Dolores” and on the same day that the Insurgent Army named Father Hidalgo General Captain of the rebels. A petition of money from Spain to endure the war against the French occupation army, full of details about the war against them, the captivity of the King Fernando VII, etc. The decree contains the manifest directed to the “Americanos Españoles” of May 5, 1810 by the Consejo Supremo De regencia de España e Indias in the island of Leon; in which, because of the dire condition of the Spanish Kingdom, that has been for two years under French ruling, is asked to the Spanish Colonies  donations (“patriotic gifts,”) to sustain the war, liberate the King Fernando VII  and to express commitment and loyalty to the Spanish monarchy.  A detailed description of the Spanish efforts, battles and resistance is given. The decree also contains in the last section the Act of September 18 of 1810 of Mexico City, by which a special commission is appointed to collect the solicited donation.