MATERIAL: Hand-Written/Painted
TYPE: Documents (Loose)
DIMENSIONS: 15 cm x 12 cm.
COMPONENTS: 1 sheet; manuscript writing in black ink, both sides.
CONDITION: In very good condition. 
Foreign Language Inscription: Tuve con violencia y amenazando a mi hija primera, y me impaciente o desespere con ella. No alcance la misa un dia de fiesta por mi pereza. Tuve una riña con mi esposa poniedole mal modo. Me irrite y trate de mal de palabra a un prójimo y a una mujer habladole con mucho deshago amuinado. He hablado mal sobre algunos prójimos sobre su honor.  Tuve malos pensamientos consentidos en pecar con una casa, soltera, doncella y hablado descontentamente delante de mujeres y una doncella. Vi a sujetos con envidia e ira. He hablado a favor de la insurrección y contra el gobierno y las tropas, diciendo que son ladrones y que hacen mil y un injusticias, exasperando mucho lo malo que se de ellos…19 de julio de 1812
Inscription Translation: I treated with violence and threatened my daughter; I got impatient and despaired with her.  I didn´t attend mass in one holiday due to my laziness. I had a fight with my wife, wronging her. I got irritated and abused verbally a man and a woman. I have ill spoken about the honor of people. I had bad thoughts indulged in sin with a married woman,  a single woman and a  maiden. I have spoken badly in front of women. I saw people with rage and envy.  I have spoken in favor of the insurrection, against the government and troops, saying that they are thieves and make a thousand and one injustices, exaggerating the bad things I know about them... July 19, 1812
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Mexican Colonial “Confession” Manuscript

Year: 1812
Decade: 1810s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)

Mexican Colonial “Confession” from the Independence era. A series of confessions, where the subject declares all his sins, faults, bad thoughts, etc. Curious writing from Colonial Mexico. It stands out a curious reference to war of Independence, which provides a personal insight on the conflict.