MATERIAL: Hand-Written/Painted
TYPE: Documents (Bound)
COMPONENTS: 139 folios (278p.).
CONDITION: Worm tracks in the upper margin in the first 23 folios; folio 24 with some page loss. Some pages loose. Text block broken in 3 parts, second and third parts separated from binding.
priceInfo: 3/2/16
Foreign Language Inscription: “Siendo provincial Joan Marques Maldonado y por su mandado se comenso este libro en el mes de enero del año de 1621…”
ITEM ID: 3559

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Mexican Indian Baptism Record Sheet in Nahuatl

Century: 17th (1601-1700)
Notes: 1621-1648

Mexican Indian Baptism Record Sheet in Nahuatl LanguageFolio 48-49: 7 records of baptism of Spanish (In Spanish)Folio 105:  In Spanish, note from the “visitador” of the Santo Oficio of the Inquisition saying that he has checked the record book. Folio 157: In Spanish “A dios las gracias le puede dar por este libro de este año de 1648”.