MATERIAL: Engraved
COMPONENTS: Illustrated with 2 engravings
NOTES: The vast majority of military documents like this don't have such nice engravings, and many have none at all.
REFERENCE EXTERNAL LINKS: Basques in the Americas 1792-1893

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Mexican Military 20 Years of Service Recognition

Year: 1831
Decade: 1830s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)

Mexican Military 20 Years of Service Recognition, illustrated with two engravings, signed F. Suria. Recognition issued to General José Ignacio Ormaechea after 20 years of service as military inspector. The recognition includes a bonus of 9 reales payed each month besides his regular salary. Hand signed by Ormaechea.

In 1830, a “Board for the Development of the Californias” is formed. Of its twenty members, eight were Basque: Pablo Vincente de Solá, José Ignacio Ormaechea, Manuel Ibarra, Francisco Cortina, Francisco Fagoaga, Isidro Icaza, Juan Francisco Azcarate and Tomás Zuria.

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