TYPE: Documents (Loose)
COMPONENTS: 2pp. sm. folio, [n.p.]
CONDITION: Shows ragged edge at left, else very good.
ITEM ID: 4887

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Military Attestation signed by Konstantin Rokossovsky

Year: 1945
Decade: 1940s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Partly-printed D.S., signed by Konstantin Rokossovsky as the Main Commander of the Northern Group of Troops. A military attestation of Captain Anatoly Varlamov, a teacher at a military academy. Rokossovsky signs in light blue ink on the second page, with the inscription: “Cooperates with the occupied position”.

Konstatin Rokossovsky (1896 – 1968) was Soviet general who held the critical northwest approaches to Moscow, later headed defenses at Stalingrad and near the end of the war encircled and destroyed the German 4th Army.