Original TItle: Puspacha Kollan Suma Arunaca Qhitatanacan Luratanacapampi (Los evangelios y los hechos en Aymara y Espanol)
TYPE: Book
COMPONENTS: 2 books; 178 + 178 p.; orig. maroon cloth. Binding is Hardcover. Full Aymaran title in gold on front cover. Spanish on left with center column references, Aymara on facing page: each with same page number.
NOTES: Bookseller: Alec R. Allenson, Inc. (Westville, FL, U.S.A.); Bookseller Inventory # 023322
ITEM ID: 2349

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New Testament Bible: Gospels and Acts in Aymara

Year: 1941
Decade: 1940s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

New Testament Bible: Gospels and Acts in Aymara [Medina] and Spanish [Valera] diglot. Translated by Angel Medina, with help from a committee chaired by Carroll G. Tamplin: first printing of Matthew, John and Acts in Aymara [Luke appeared in 1829 and Mark in 1930, full New Testament first in 1954]. Thus, this is a 1st edition.

Name: Biblia Americanquiri Tanthapiwi
Type: Publisher
Name: Angel Medina
Type: Translator