MATERIAL: Hand-Written/Painted
TYPE: Personal Notebook
DIMENSIONS: 3 1/3 X 5 inches (closed)
CONDITION: Good shape for the age.
NOTES: Very rare and original.
priceInfo: 780-788: 1950, 3000; 215, 335
ITEM ID: 1755

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Nomonhon Incident Soldier’s Personal Notebook

Decade: 1930s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Japanese 23rd Division Nomonhan Incident Artillery Soldier’s Personal Notebook from 1937-39. The soldier’s name was Higashide Takashi. Mr. Higashide joined the army in 1937 and was first sent to Port Arthur (Ryojun), part of the Kwantung leased territory, and then to dalian. On July 11, 1939 Mr. Higashide was sent to fight in the Nomonhan Incident where he was wounded on August 26, during the heaviest part of the battle. His injuries were to his head and legs. The notebook includes his record of fighting at Nomonhan as well as his earlier movements in Ryojun and Dalian. The Nomonhan Incident, or Battle of Khalkhyn Gol, was a military conflict which lasted from May to September, 1939. Following the occupation of Korea and Manchukuo, Japan turned its interest to a military conflict with the Soviet Union. In 1939, the Japanese Kwantung Army maintained that the border between the Puppet State of Manchukuo and Mongolia was at Khalkhyn Gol while the Mongolians and their Soviet allies said it was east of the village of Nomonhan. The incident began on May 12, when Soviet troops came to the aid of the People’s Republic of Mongolia after a border clash between Mongolian troops and the Japanese Kwantung Army. The superiority of the Soviet mechanized units commanded by Georgi K. Zhukov culminated in the complete rout of the Kwantung Army’s 23rd Division. Japanese casualties reached 17,450 dead or missing in action. Following Japan’s defeat, Japanese nationalists began to advocate war with the United States instead of the Soviet Union and news of what took place at Nomonhan was kept secret from the Japanese public. Power shifted from the Army to the Navy as Japan began to take interest in the resource rich areas of Southeast Asia.