TYPE: Letter
COMPONENTS: letters, scroll
NOTES: Someone in Cuba told me it is an archival copy, that would have "disappeared as did many things during the revolution." (I can't comment on this, but I can say I bought it from a registered dealer in Havana when I visited his house).

The scroll (almost certainly hand-bound) is bound into a book, of which I would guess perhaps only few were printed. The cover of the book is printed, but the spine (original) appears to be hand-written and the book states it is for the Department of State and Justice.

The scroll bears the seal of the Emperor of China, and by looking at the back of the scroll you can see the seal appears to have been printed using a woodblock print. According to a Chinese friend, it is only the Emperor of China who employs his seal. No one else in China would have permission to use it and certainly no one in Cuba. In my opinion, the seal would have had to be applied by hand (and the back again seems to indicate it was a separate process from the printing entirely).
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Official Record from the National Archives of Cuba

Year: 1904
Decade: 1900s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

A book, the official record from the National Archives of Cuba containing copies of all letters of heads of state to the new Cuban President, including a period Chinese copy of the scroll written by the Emperor of China to the President of Cuba in 1902, congratulating the President on the Independence of Cuba. The documents in the book are all on the same paper and so are copies and it is only the scroll that it is on a unique paper and the book states the scroll was made in Peking in 1902, (the date of the original). No other document contains “made in …”, only the scroll.