TYPE: Certificate
DIMENSIONS: 26cm (10.25 inches) x 18.5cm (7.25 inches)
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Pair of Cultural Revolution Marriage Certificates from Inner Mongolia

Year: 1967
Decade: 1960s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

This marriage certificate is from 1967 and is unique in the fact it is from the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia. Also unique is that fact that we have both marriage certificates. In China, one marriage certificate is issued to the groom and one to the bride, identical except for the fact the names are put in opposite order.

On July 12, 1967, the couple was married. As they were married in Inner Mongolia, the certificate in written both Mongolian and Chinese, in accordance with the Chinese policy to recognize, at least officially, the various minorities within its territory.

The outer edge of the certificate has wonderful imagery from the Cultural Revolution, not least of which are the two hanging Chinese flags in the center that are really quite stunning.