TYPE: Booklet
COMPONENTS: five pamphlets; original printed wrappers,8vo's
CONDITION: All in a remarkable state of preservation; all in exceptional condition
ITEM ID: 493

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Pamphlets Defending Slavery

Year: 1860
Decade: 1860s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: 1856-1862

A group of pamphlets, for the most part anonymous or pseudonymous, that either argue for slavery from a Biblical standpoint, or suggest a compromise with the slave-owners of the South. Titles as follows: 1. The South: in a Letter from a Friend in the North
2. African Servitude: When, Why, and by Whom Instituted
3. The Governing Race: a Book for All Times, by H.O.R.
4. Slavery a Divine Trust
5. The Nail Hit on the Head, or The Two Jonathans agreeing to Settle the Slave Question, by Pacificator
6. Slavery Abolished. Its Relation to the Government, by Rev. C. Conkling.