TYPE: Manuscript
COMPONENTS: 18 folios. In fiscal sealed paper. Folio 14 loose.
CONDITION: Very good condition.
ITEM ID: 3949

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Patent of Blood Purity

Year: 1809
Decade: 1800s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)

Informacion de legitimidad y limpieza de sangre en favor de Doña Maria Guadalupe Cardeña y Echegaray

Translation: Information of legitimacy and cleaning of blood in favor of Dona Maria Guadalupe Cardeña and Echegaray

The mother of Doña Maria Guadalupe Cardeña y Echegaray, Maria Isabel Echegaray, presents the documentation to prove the blood purity of her daughter and that the family doesn´t have any “mala sangre”, that is of pure Catholic descent. Various witnesses testify for this purpose. The last pages are of the Attorney General of the council of Xalapa, noting that he has checked the documentation and signs that Ms. Cardeña y Echegaray indeed comes from a distinguished family, thus he concedes the blood purity requested.