MATERIAL: Enameled
DIMENSIONS: 2.125 in.
COMPONENTS: The pin bears the enameled name “PAULUS BUND” and a rising sun affixed to a knurled gilt pin.
CONDITION: Fine condition.
NOTES: From a 30+ year collection of Holocaust relics and documents.
ITEM ID: 4980

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“Paulus Bund” Non-Aryan Organization Stickpin

Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Extremely rare stickpin worn by a member of the “Reich League of Christian-German State Citizens of Non-Aryan or Not Completely Aryan Origins, Inc.” (Reichsverband christlich-deutscher Staatsbürger nichtarischer oder nicht rein arischer Abstammung e.V.). Later called the “Paulus-Bund”, it was an organization of non-Aryan or “mixed blood” German citizens which existed for only six years.

From the beginning, this group actively sought to recruit as members all those Christian Germans who had some discernible Jewish ancestry. It saw its primary purpose as representing the interests of its members vis-à-vis the authorities. Together with this practical aim, and undoubtedly as part of it, the organization propounded a point of view concerning the status of its constituency. This point of view can be summarized as follows: 1) we are German and our loyalty is exclusively German; the fact that we had Jewish ancestors, which we do not deny, in no way detracts from this; 2) we are sincere Christians, whether Catholic or Protestant. The Christian baptism has permanently cut all our ties not only to Judaism but to the Jewish people; 3) We are absolutely loyal to the National Socialist government. Members considered themselves “fellow sufferers.” On August 10, 1939 the organization was disbanded by government order. Many of its members would eventually be sent to the gas chambers.