MATERIAL: Photography
TYPE: Photograph Album
COMPONENTS: about 250 photos
NOTES: I believe a number of these are albumen photos, but the photo type needs to be confirmed. There is also the frontispiece of an original envelope that belonged to the mining engineer, so we have some provenance for the photos, and hopefully this person’s history can to be researched.
ITEM ID: 3942

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Photo Collection of Early Arizona

Year: 1902
Decade: 1900s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

This collection comes from the family of a “mining engineer” who traveled through “the West” (Arizona) in 1902. There are many photos of early settlements, mines, and a number of some of the first automobiles the engineer (who must have been quite wealthy) used to travel through Arizona (there are a couple of photos of an over-turned car, so he might have had an accident during his travels).