MATERIAL: Earthenware
TYPE: Figurine
DIMENSIONS: Height: 18 ½ inches
COMPONENTS: Hollow earthenware with cream and red-brown burnished slips. Standing with arms held to chest, head tilted slightly, with raised areas indicating necklace and on abdomen indicating breechcloth, belt ties indicated. Generously sprinkled with black manganese deposits.
CONDITION: In very good condition, head reattached around neck.
ITEM ID: 4769

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Pihuamo Standing Figure

Notes: c. 250 BC- 250 AD

Pihuamo is a municipality located in the southeast region of the state of Jalisco. At one time this region belonged to another town in Jalisco known as Tzapotlán. The occupants of this town have had various origins: toltecas, zapotecas and purépechas. The purépechas arrived to that region in 1480, and they dominated the town of Tzapotlán for some years, but before the Spanish conquest they were defeated by the indigenous of Zapotlán, Zacoalco Sayula and Colima in the called Saltpeter War.

This territory was discovered and conquered by the Captain Cristóbal de Olid with the aid of Juan Rodríguez de Villafuerte in early 1522 when they were sent there by Hernán Cortés to explore the western region of what is today known as Jalisco.