TYPE: Documents (Bound)
COMPONENTS: 6 vellum folios. Full-leather binding. 2 full-page paintings. Hand painted decorative frames and capitulars, half-page painting in the last folio. Last page with signatures of approval
CONDITION: Worn and with small losses in the upper and lower sections of the spine. Very good condition. 
ITEM ID: 3210

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Portuguese Patent of Nobility

Year: 1724 
Decade: 1720s
Century: 18th (1701-1800)

Portuguese Patent of Nobility. “Brazao de Armas de Simap de Almeyda Ribero da Cidade de Coimbra Academico Provincial Da Cademia Real”

This Grant of Nobility manuscript is interesting for two reasons, the first is that it was made prior to the great 1755 earthquake which destroyed the central archives in Lisbon where these letters were issued; and the second is that the appointee was from one of Coimbra’s elite families.