TYPE: Post Cards
COMPONENTS: 2 postcards
CONDITION: Excellent condition, with embossing.
ITEM ID: 1988

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Postcard Set on the U.S. Great White Fleet in Japan (#1)

Year: 1908
Decade: 1900s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Japanese postcard set commemorating the visit of the U.S. Great White Fleet to Japan. The Great White Fleet, consisting of 16 battleships all painted white as a symbol of non-aggression, was sent by President Theodore Roosevelt on a world tour promoting goodwill and reminding other countries, especially Japan, that the US maintained a formidable naval flotilla. These postcards were given to sailors aboard the ships and this particular set consists of one embossed postcard with photograph of a battleship and another postcard with a translation of the song “America.” At the bottom of the battleship postcard it says, “Issued by the Department of Communication in commemoration of the Visit of the American Fleet, Oct. 1908.”