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Postmarked Air Mailed Photograph Postcard of Hebrew University, Rehovot

Year: 1960
Decade: 1960s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)
Notes: June 14, 1960

Scarce postage dues destination – Uruguay: 14 June 1960 postmarked air mailed real photograph postcard of Hebrew University, Rehovot with full page of handwriting, sent from Jerusalem to Montevideo. Franked 0.32L, tied by full strike of Jerusalem-1 (head post office) postmark; the postage rates however rose on 1 April and this postcard was accepted in Israel short-paid; the deficiency was noticed in Uruguay where the postcard was tied by a boxed taxe mark, charged 10 gold centimes postage dues tax for twice the deficient postage – a rarely seen taxe mark.