TYPE: Manuscript
COMPONENTS: Pages unnumbered. Luxury red velvet binding ornamented with golden devices on the front and back cover. Chromolithographic frames throughout the content.  
CONDITION: Good condition. First and second presentation pages with significant losses, professionally restored. First pages, including title page, and last pages with damp damage
priceInfo: 2/17/16 have just been offered a printed book about the Canticle of praise to the Virgin of Guadalupe dated 1853.  Now the book itself is 19th century and damaged and I would ordinarily pass on it-however, the binding is a very beautiful Mexican one and the price is quite reasonable and so I think I will buy it.  Please add it to our Latin American collection.
Foreign Language Inscription: La maravillosa aparicion de Santa Maria de Guadalupe : o sea La Virgen Mexicana
ITEM ID: 3543

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Praises to the Virgin of Guadalupe

Year: 1853
Decade: 1850s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)

Canticle of praise to the Virgin of Guadalupe, consisting of 337 stanzas or royal octaves. Francisco de Paula Alonzo Ruiz de Conejares.

Name: R. Rafael