TYPE: Kamishibai
COMPONENTS: 24 cards complete
NOTES: The collector I bought this from along with all the other recent Kamishibai poster sets was actually in one of these colonies as a young boy. He told me that he, his sister and mother escaped back to Japan when the Soviet Troops came through in 1945 but that his father did not get out and later died in one of the Soviet camps. There still are children of these families in parts of China and Russia that never got out in 1945.  A very historical set.
ITEM ID: 2728

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Propaganda Kamishibai (Manchukuo Colonization)

Year: 1942
Decade: 1940s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Colonization of Manchukuo Propaganda Kamishibai Set (Tomiya Taisa), about the colonization of Manchukuo. The colonization of Manchukuo was part of the Rural Economic Revitalization Campaign and set forth an emigration policy that was in support of the military expansion in the region. Japanese families sent to the colonies were referred to as Ningen-Tochika = Human Pillboxes and were used to defend the South Manchurian Railway and insure that the Yamato Race was strong in the region. They were also used as a buffer against advancing Soviet forces.