TYPE: Poster
DIMENSIONS: 24 1/4 X 30 1/3 inches
CONDITION: in good shape for the age.  
NOTES: A very rare and historic early Sino-Japanese War Japanese propaganda poster. 
REFERENCE EXTERNAL LINKS: National Spiritual Mobilization Movement (Japan)

ITEM ID: 1853
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Propaganda Poster on the Marco Polo Bridge Incident

Year: 1938
Decade: 1930s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Japanese propaganda poster commemorating the Marco Polo Bridge Incident (1937). The poster has graphics of an airplane and tank together with the kanji: Shinajihen Boppatsu Isshu Nen (First Year Following the Start of the Sino-Japanese War), with the date July 7 on the far right. This date is in reference to the Marco Polo Bridge Incident of July 7, 1937.

Jeffrey Kinkley, “Taking credit for this poster is the Central League of the National Spiritual Mobilization Movement.”

Peter Kornicki, “It is rather ‘First anniversary’ and it uses the euphemism ‘China Incident’ instead of Sino-Japanese War.”