TYPE: Qur'an
COMPONENTS: Blank, [14 pp.], blank, 654 pp., original dark brown spine with red label and a title, later marbled paper covers, original marbled paper endpapers.
CONDITION: Tiny holes and minor pink staining in the inner margins of the first and last pages; slightly discoloration of the color of the spine, very typical for the Ottoman books (not pink mold); repaired cracks in the hinges of endpapers; otherwise in a good, slightly used condition.
NOTES: For the whole book, please see this link to see the scan of the example, held at the Armenian National Library (guran1912.pdf (sci.am)).
References: OCLC 78229122, 1084494573.
ITEM ID: 5725

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Qur’an in Armenian (Third Translation)

Year: 1912
Decade: 1910s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

This rare Armenian translation of the Quran, published in Varna, Bulgaria, in 1912 is the third translation of this Holy Book into Armenian, following the 1908 edition, made by Abraham Amirkhanyan and also published in Varna, and Levon Larents’s (1875–1915) Istanbul edition of 1911.

The author Hagop Kourbétian based his 1912 translation on the Amirkhanyan’s pioneering text and corrected it with a help of works by Arabic scholars.

Name: Hagop Kourbétian
Type: Translator
Artist Information: Յակոբ Գուրպէթեան (Hagop Kourbétian)