TYPE: Qur'an Stand
DIMENSIONS: 83 x 83 cm or 33 x 33 inches
ITEM ID: 5285
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Qur’an Stand

Year: 1751
Decade: 1750s
Century: 18th (1701-1800)

Wooden holy book stand with 18th century Armenian inscription.

These are called rehals from the Arabic word rahl (meaning camel saddle) and they are X-shaped foldable book rests or lecterns used for placing holy books during recitations. Designed to collapse into a flat form for storage when not in use, these wooden book rests have been commonly used by Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs for generations to hold and ensure respect for holy books by keeping them elevated off the floor.

According to scholar Sebouh Aslanian, the inscription reads, “This is in memory of Johan, son of Murad, at the entrance of Saint Sargis? Which is in Palestine? in the year 1200 (1751).”