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NOTES: I had no idea the Chinese were so respectful of the church in Cuba, this clearly demonstrates the power of the church even as regards the Chinese Empire. Incredible historical document.
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Rare Chinese in Cuba Document #1

Year: 1884
Decade: 1880s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)

From the Chinese Consulate General in Havana, with Red Seal from the Chinese Consulate General the document reads as follows, addressed to the Diocesan Bishop of Havana:

“I have the honour to make it known to you [Bishop], that nominated jointly by the Government of Her Majesty the Queen of Spain and the Emperor of China, is the Consul General of the [Chinese] Empire on the island of Cuba and who has now today taken upon his position [as Consul General]. I take advantage of this occasion to offer you my most distinguished security and consideration.
-Tam Kin Cho”

The document also bears some unresearched signatures to the left. Tam Kin Cho was the founder of the Chung Wah Casino and was a historically important person in the lives of the Chinese in Cuba.