TYPE: Documents (Bound)
COMPONENTS: 8 pages. Recycled paper covers. Manuscript in black ink.
CONDITION: Very good condition. 
priceInfo: 4/20/16
ITEM ID: 3588

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Record Book of Deceased Natives

Year: 1761
Decade: 1760s
Century: 18th (1701-1800)

Deceased Indians record book from a Confraternity: “Quadernos de Amonestaciones.” A record of deceased Indians dated 1761 that belonged to a Confraternity. This record kept track of who died from the organization and recorded the masses that had to be made for them (all the Patentes of Cofradias state that when the member dies, the Cofradias was to pray and make a mass for them, which is one is of the spiritual benefits of these organizations). List of the Confraternity officials in the front cover:“Joseph Antonio: Mayordomo, Manuel Nicolas: Rector, Asuncio de la Cruz: Rector Mayor, Felix Antonio: Alguacil Mayor, etc.“The manuscript lists the record of the deceased Indian, followed by the dates in which the Confraternity realized mass for the member. Each record states the name and town of the Indian, as well as if he was married and the names of his fathers and in some cases their exact address: “Juan de los Santos, Indio natural del pueblo de Jostepec del Obispadp de la Puebla, y vezino de Mexico desde pequeo; hijo legitimo de Easpax Hernandez y de Ana Maria difuntos con Maria Josepha India vezina de esta ciudad mas de siete alos en la calle de las Moras y arrinconada de la viuda de Juan Joseph … “ followed by the dates of the masses.