MATERIAL: Hand-Written/Painted
TYPE: Manuscript
DIMENSIONS: 6 1/2 X 9 1/2 inches
COMPONENTS: 31 pages of manuscript reports.
Language: Japanese
ITEM ID: 1165
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  • Artwork

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Report on the Assassination of Ii Naosuke

Decade: 1860s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)

Rare manuscript report on the death of Ii Naosuke, giving the background of the attack and assassination. This was later called the Sakuradamon Incident. Ii was a Daimyo or Feudal Lord who wanted to exploit Japan’s relationship with the Dutch in Nagasaki to buy some time and expand the Japanese Navy and military to repel Perry and other foreigners in the early 1850s.Ironically, Ii signed the Harris Treaty a few years later that allowed free trade between Japan and the US. Later, loyalists from the Mito clan decided to assassinate Ii and did so on March 24, 1860. He was 44 years old.The report talks about the attacks and Ii’s stance on foreigners in Japan and even goes into some detail on Christianity and that Japan should allow some Christian missionaries in, but that the Daimyo must all take an oath not to become Christian. This appears to have been Ii’s position.