TYPE: Newspaper
DIMENSIONS: 470 x 335 mm
COMPONENTS: 4 pp. Folio
CONDITION: Pages toned, light chipping at lower margin, damp staining at right margin.
ITEM ID: 4723

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Reporting from The Daily Critic – The Battle of Little Big Horn

Year: 1876
Decade: 1870s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: Friday, July 7, 1876

The Daily Critic, no 2417. Page 1, column 3 reads : “SECOND EDITION / The Custer Massacre. TELEGRAMS TO GEN. SHERIDAN–GEN TERRY’S EXPLANATION–THE NEWS AT CUSTER’S HOME.”

The paper reprints General Terry’s dispatch to Sheridan explaining the perfect storm of events at the Battle of Little Big Horn that led to Custer’s defeat. After examining the headwaters of the Talloska creek, Custer and his forces were to head to Little Big Horn. Gen. Terry offered to send another regiment of Cavalry with Custer, which was refused, along with an offer of other help: “I offered Custer the battery of gattling guns, but he declined it , saying that it might embarrass him; that he was strong enough without it. The movements proposed by Gen. Gibbon’s column were carried out to the letter, and had the attack been deferred until it was up, I cannot doubt that we should have been successful.” The US troops were outnumbered and outfought by the native forces, leading to their decisive defeat.

The paper also contains a report of the surprise and grief at Custer’s hometown at the news of his demise.