TYPE: Poster
DIMENSIONS: 22 x 28 inches
COMPONENTS: Two-color poster
CONDITION: Minor wear, short tape repair on verso, un-mounted.
NOTES: No copies of this poster traced in OCLC.
ITEM ID: 4507

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Reverend Major Jealous Divine Devotional Poster

Century: 20th (1901-2000)
Notes: Circa 1940s or 1950s

Minds and Attention, Love and Devotion, Ideas and Opinions all Concentrated on the Fundamental God Father Divine two-color poster devotional poster.

Issued by the popular spiritual leader Reverend Major Jealous Divine (1876-1965), usually known as Father Divine. He preached at Sayville, Long Island from 1919-1931; Harlem from 1932-1942; and the Philadelphia area from 1942 until his death. He was using the “Minds and attention, love and devotion, ideas and opinions” slogan in his preaching as early as 1937.

After his death, the American cult leader Jim Jones (1931-1978) recruited a few of Divine’s followers, and encouraged them to sing an adapted version of this message: “Minds and attention / Love and devotion / All directed to you / It’s true” (Los Angeles Times, 24 November 1978).