MATERIAL: Animal Hide
TYPE: Bible
DIMENSIONS: 11.5" x 9" x 4"
COMPONENTS: Original American leather with pleasant rounding and patina; the spine with gilt ruled bands, compartmental décor, and red and gilt leather title label; period deerskin wraps,wraps untied and now used as a preserved wrap, with a title "opening" for the spine label.Illustrated with full page engravings, maps and more.
CONDITION: Beautifully preserved. The Bible is externally in great shape; hinges and joints intact and binding firm with professional restorations. Interior in nice shape, contains marginal notes, some folding, some foxing, toning and browning, a few creases, many illustrations and leaves rebacked, reinforced and repaired with onion paper.
NOTES: Very rare.
REFERENCE EXTERNAL LINKS: Rear Admiral Presley Marion Rixey

John Franklin Rixey

Eppa Rixley

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Rixley/Morehead Bible

Year: 1807
Decade: 1870s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: Concordance of the Holy Scripture by John Brown, 1810

An American Bible containing a four page slave genealogy (including sales) from 1743-1860.

This was the Bible of the Rixey/Morehead Family of Culpepper, Virginia. This family produced many prominent people including Baseball Hall of Famer Eppa Rixey Jr., who played with the Philadelphia Phillies and Cincinnati Reds in Major League Baseball from 1912 to 1933. Rixey was best known as the National League’s leader in career victories for a left-hander with 266 wins until Warren Spahn surpassed his total in 1959.

An attractive early American family Bible with the Rixey family record combined with, most importantly, fantastic and rare genealogical entries from slave owners of their slaves including: births, death and dates sold, in some cases. Slave owning families rarely ever include their negroes names, yet alone birth dates and dates of their sales. The earliest date recorded in the book is a slave born in 1743.

Family records from the owners, surnames Rixey and Morehead of the Fauquier and Culpeper area of Virginia. The main owner of the Bible was most likely Revolutionary War patriot Robert Rixey (born 1743), and the Bible then passed to his son Samuel and his wife Frances Downing Morehead in the early 1800s. The family records span through the 1830s, and a note laid in the Bible also denotes when the Bible was sold at the estate of Jean Rixey Pitzer of Adelphi, MD, sometime in the mid to late 1800s. The slave records are two pages longer than the owner’s records, and are quite amazing in content. A few entries have SOLD next to them, a few with notes of which slave mothered them, and then a good number are crossed off, most likely when they passed away. Entries like “Big Lucy,” “Harriet’s Child Richard” and more truly show a unique and genealogically valuable record which would be priceless to the family line hunter of these slaves. We have already matched Jeaney, one slave, who was owned by Richard Rixey, on a website mentioning it passing to his daughter.

A fine specimen of an early American Bible by a legendary publisher with unbelievable rare and important negro slave family records.


James Morehead, son of John Jr., and Mary Morehead, was married twice, first to Frances Rixey, and secondly to Ann Johnson. His marriage to Ann took place on 10 December 1810 in Fauquier County, Virginia. (It should be noted that John Morehead, on his genealogical webpages, claimed that Frances Rixey was John Morehead Jr’s wife rather than Mary Wheatley.) James and Ann gave birth to: Eleanora; James Milton; Armistead H., born 1818; and Dewitt Clinton.

Eleanora Morehead, daughter of James and Ann Morehead, married Benjamin Franklin Rixey on 07 January 1845. He was born on 03 October 1821, a son of Samuel Rixey and Frances Morehead, a daughter of Presley and Elizabeth Morehead. Benjamin, known as Frank, made a living as a farmer, but between 1865 and 1867, he represented Fauquier County in the Virginia House of Delegates, and between 1871 and 1873, upon the resignation of Thomas N. Latham, he represented the Fauquier and Rappahannock Counties in the Virginia State Senate. Benjamin and Eleanora gave birth to: Molly and Fanny.

Armistead H. Morehead, son of James and Ann Morehead, married Eliza T. Rixey. Eliza was a daughter of Richard Rixey and Penelope Gibbs. Eliza was born in 1829. Armistead and Eliza gave birth to: Alice T., born 1845; Hester Anne, born 1850; and Richard R., born 1857. Armistead died in 1876; Eliza died in 1893.

Elizabeth Morehead, daughter of John and Mary Morehead, was born on 14 May 1745 at Hamilton Parish, Prince William County, Virginia. (On his website, John Morehead gives Elizabeth’s birth in the year 1753.) In her father’s will, Elizabeth was listed as Elizabeth Brixtraw. It is believed that prior to her fathers death, she had married a man by the name of Lawrence Brixtraw. Elizabeth married a man by the name of Richard Rixey Jr on 16 November 1764 according to the Fauquier County Marriage Bonds. The fact that she is not listed as Elizabeth Rixey on the will of her father in 1768 makes that ‘fact’ suspect of error. Richard and Elizabeth Rixey gave birth to two sons: Samuel and William, born 11 May 1788.

Samuel Rixey, son of Richard and Elizabeth Rixey, married Fanny / Frances Downing Morehead, a daughter of Presley and Elizabeth Morehead. Their children are noted below.

William Rixey, son of Richard and Elizabeth Rixey, married Mary Lewis Brent on 04 October 1814. Mary was born on 06 November 1797 at Hancock, Maryland. The couple gave birth to a son: Charles William Wellington, born 24 December 1823 at Fauquier County, Virginia. William died on 07 January 1862. Mary died on 15 January 1850 in Culpeper, Virginia.

Charles William Wellington Rixey, son of William and Mary Rixey, married Anne Fannie Settle on 09 May 1847. Anne was born on 24 June 1830 at Rixeyville, Culpeper County, Virginia. Charles and Anne gave birth to: William Joseph, born 28 September 1848; Wellington Woodford, born 25 November 1850; and Mary Catherine Harper, born 25 May 1869. Charles died on 16 June 1870 and Anne died on 17 July 1882.

Wellington Woodford Rixey, son of Charles and Anne Rixey, was married twice. His first wife was Margaret Virginia Miller. She was born in 1851 in Culpeper County, Virginia. Wellington’s second wife was Mary James Settle. They married on 17 October 1878. Wellington and Mary gave birth to: George William, born 15 May 1890 at Imza, Missouri. Wellington died on 05 February 1925.

The youngest son of John and Mary Morehead, Presley, was born circa 1749 at Halifax County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth Hunton on 18 May 1778. Presley died before 27 March 1820, when his will was probated.(4.86) In his will, Presley made bequests:

“To Mary Ann Rixey, daughter of Samuel and Fanny Rixey; to Presley and Richard Lewis Rixey their sons; my sons Lewis and Presley Morehead; Frances Ann Rixey, daughter of Richard and Mary Rixey; Elizabeth, daughter of Walter A. and Catherine Smith; Lycurgus, son of Walter A. and Catherine Smith.”

This family does not appear in most of the published genealogies. Therefore, an accurate understanding of the relationships of the various individuals listing in Presley’s will is difficult. It would appear that Presley’s children would have included his two sons, Lewis and Presley Jr. Then, because they are mentioned, it is possible to assume that Fanny (variously, Frances), married to Samuel Rixey, was a daughter, and that Mary Ann Rixey was a granddaughter of Presley and Richard Lewis and Presley were grandsons. In the same way, it might be assumed that Mary, married to Richard Rixey, was a daughter, and that Frances Ann was another granddaughter of Presley. And then it can be assumed that, Catherine, married to Walter A. Smith, was a third daughter, and that Elizabeth and Lycurgus were additional grandchildren of Presley.

Frances (variously, Fanny) Downing Morehead, daughter of Presley and Elizabeth Morehead, married Samuel Rixey. They gave birth to: Benjamin Franklin, born 03 October 1821 at Hilly Farm, Culpeper County, Vermont; John; William Hunton; Mary Ann; Presley; and Richard Lewis.

Benjamin Franklin Rixey, son of Samuel and Frances Rixey, married Eleanora Morehead, a daughter of James and Ann Morehead, as noted previously. They gave birth to: Molly and Fanny.

Richard Rixey, Jr.
Birthdate: circa 1743 (65)
Birthplace: Prince William, Virginia
Death: circa September 1808 (57-73)
Culpeper, Virginia
Immediate Family:
Son of Elizabeth Riccia
Husband of Elizabeth Brixstraw Rixey
Father of Samuel Rixey; Mary Rixey and John Rixey
Half brother of Elizabeth Dowell; Frances Morehead; John Dowell; Thomas Dowell, Jr; William Dowell and 1 other

About Capt. Richard RIxey

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of CAPTAIN. DAR Ancestor A096543.

Notes for Richard Rixey

The Rixey Genealogy, pg. 98: Captain.

Deed Book Q, pg 561, Prince William Co. Records: Gift deed dated 8 Mar. 1768 form Richard Rixey (Riccia) to Richard Rixey, Jr. of two Negroes, a woman named Hagar and a man named Tom.

It appears from this information that he moved to Culpeper Co. in 1804 and that his sons (John, Presley and Charles) also moved to Culpeper Co. from Fauquier Co. and purchased land in the same neighborhood and that later there was a village in this section know as “Rixeyville”. It is located about 9 miles north of the town of Culpeper and one mile south of the Hazel River.

Richard Rixey, Jr. named his farm in Culpeper Co., VA as “Mount Pleasant” and died there in Sept. 1808. His son Charles had a home named “Pleasant Hill”. Later the name of “Mount Pleasant” was changed to “Ellerslie” when it passed out of the hands of the Rixey Family (William Rixey sold it).

Samuel Rixey
Birthdate: 1780 (86)
Death: 1866 (86)
Immediate Family:
Son of Capt. Richard RIxey and Elizabeth Brixstraw Rixey
Husband of Frances Downing Morehead
Father of Presley Morehead Rixey
Brother of Mary Rixey and John Rixey

Presley Morehead Rixey
Birthdate: 1812 (82)
Death: 1894 (82)
Immediate Family:
Son of Samuel Rixey and Frances Downing Morehead
Husband of Mary Frances Jones
Father of Rear Admiral Presley Marion Rixey; John Franklin Rixey and Eppa Rixey

Name: Mathew Carey
Type: Publisher
Artist Information: A Brief Concordance of the Holy Scriptures, of the Old and New Testaments by John Brown. Revised and Corrected. Printed and Published in Philadelphia, 122 Market-Street,
Name: Collins, Perkins & Co.
Type: Printer
Artist Information: The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments: Together with the Apocrypha: Translated Out of the Original Tongues

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