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Rules for Brigadier Commandant on Ruling of District

Year: 1809
Decade: 1800s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: July 1st , 1809.

Instrucción a que deben arreglar sus funciones los comandantes de Brigada en el entretanto se forma la ordenanza general de las Milicias de este ReinoThese manuscripts are copies from the original decree (or in this case copy of another copy), because the official regulation was not printed yet. The interesting thing about this one is that it was intended for a high command of the military. “Instruction by which the Brigadier commanders must arrange their functions, meanwhile the General Ordinance of the Military of this Reign is formed”Provisional Regulation directed to the high military command, before the formulation and publication of the “Ordenanza General de la Milicia” of the New Spain. It is divided in 22 rules that the Brigadier Commandant must apply over his district, as well as their functions and obligations. The Brigadier Commandant was appointed directly by the King of Spain. After the decree of the second Count of Revillagigedo, in the late XVIII c., the New Spain was divided in 10 military brigades, each one with its Brigadier Commandant.Of special interest is Rule 22, in which it is decreed that in the Provincias Internas of Nuevo Reyno de Leon and Nuevo Santander (which was formed by the current State of Tamaulipas, Part of Nuevo Leon and  the South of Texas) would all be ruled by the Brigadier Commandant of San Luis Potosi, which would also have the function of Inspector.The delimitation and ruling of the “Provincias Internas” was a great matter of discussion in the  XVIII century, it wasn’t until the Viceroy Maldonado divided them in eastern and western provinces that a sort of functional ruling could be enforced. As demonstrated in the current documents, these provinces had only military governments. After the position of Commandant Inspector was abolished in 1788, the Brigadier Commandants took their place.Military document that provides valuable insight on the configuration of the administration of the New Spain previous to the Independence.