TYPE: Dishes
DIMENSIONS: 10 1/4 inches high; 4 inches at base
CONDITION: Outstanding; large
NOTES: This is the largest Japanese military sake tokkuri I have owned.
ITEM ID: 2290
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Russo-Japanese Sake Container

Sino-Japanese War or Russo-Japanese War pottery tokkuri sake container.

The server of a sake set is a flask called a tokkuri. A tokkuri is generally bulbous with a narrow neck, but may have a variety of other shapes, including that of a spouted serving bowl (katakuchi).

Scholar Kevin Kelly commented, “I think the star stands for the Meiji govt.’s Hokkaido development commission. It’s the same star that’s on Sopporo beer cans. I wonder if it was a sort of party favor associated with the commission? That would still be pretty interesting.”