TYPE: Dishes
DIMENSIONS: 24 cm diam.
NOTES: Professor Nersessian calls it "an absolutely magnificent piece."
Inscription Translation: "Nour Bek (prince) son of Tasali 1065"
ITEM ID: 291


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    Theresa Abes says:

    Is this like a Sufi begging bowl?

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      Deb Bader says:

      No, we don’t believe so.

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Safavid Brass Bowl with Armenian inscription

Year: 1616
Decade: 1610s
Century: 17th (1601-1700)

Large Persian Safavid Brass Bowl with Armenian Inscription, most likely made in Isfahan. The Armenian inscription reads,”Nour Bek (prince) son of Tasali 1065.” The date contained on this inscription makes this bowl an extremely early example of an Armenian artifact made in New Julfa, the suburb of Isfahan to which Shah Abbas moved the Armenian merchant community in 1604. This bowl would have been used along with a ewer by the priest for the washing of hands. The design and shape of the bowl are consistant with other brass bowls made in Iran in the late 1500s to early 1600s.