MATERIAL: Copper Plate
TYPE: Plaque
DIMENSIONS: 606 x 400 mm
ITEM ID: 4276

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Saptamukhtihanuman: “Seven Faced Hanuman”

A massive protective copper amulet with an icon of Hanuman. The text (source unidentified) describes the icon in great detail, discussing Hanuman’s birth and his mythological exploits, focussing on his ability to destroy enemies. The copper-plate was clearly intended as an apotropaic power object or as a magical aid against a powerful enemy.

In his hands Hanuman holds:

left, top to bottom:
a banner
a mountain with curative herbs
a dish
a lotus
a water pot
a rosary

right, top to bottom:
a mace
a sword
a chopper
a trident
an elephant goad
a cobra
a deer-head

In addition there are several magical squares (probably signifying the four directions) and yantras at top and bottom. A brief rite of worship (puju) is described.