TYPE: Book (Set)
COMPONENTS: 5 book set; hardcover
CONDITION: VG condition
NOTES: Very sought after.
ITEM ID: 2334

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Schocken Five Books of Moses

Year: 1937
Decade: 1930s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Mikarot Gedolot Torah Schocken: Jewish Rabbinic Bible. This is the original Schocken 5 books of Moses, with three Aramaic translations and dozens of commentaries. Published by Schocken in Germany in 1937 – later volumes published in New York and Palestine. This is an amazinf feat, considerinf the Nazi’s were in power in Germany. This is one of the latest editions (if not the latest edition) of a Jewish Bible printed in Germany.Schocken Books (Schocken Verlag) is a publishing company that was established in Berlin with a publishing office in Prague in 1931 by the Schocken Department Store owner Salman Schocken. It published the writings of Martin Buber, Franz Rosenzweig, Franz Kafka and S. Y. Agnon, among others. After being closed by the Germans in 1939, it moved to Mandate Palestine under the name Schocken Publishing. In 1945 it moved to New York City.

Name: Schocken Books
Type: Publisher